Nuuk and Maarit – Episode Two


“What is that?” Maarit puzzled the gnarly grey spike.

“It is time,” came back the reply as Nuuk spun in a circle looking beyond the tip of his horn and up past the moon.

And knowing no fear, but to be alone, Maarit stared at the creature in the center of the hole and into the darkness below and the deep and the cold. Ice that surrounded shaped smooth formless shadows and the tips of the wake kissed the air as they collided. Maarit now in full flight.

The shock from the cold caused a burst of white light as her lungs filled with fire and then her world faded to black. Icy sharp fingers reached out for the child as she spiraled and sank, but it was Nuuk that dove hard and reached Maarit first. Reaching out with a fin he found her wool covered hand. What was black was now blue and then green and then yellow and had the warmth of a good night blanket. A new world righted in that moment below the ice floats and Maarit stopped her descent. Shaking her head it was her turn to float.

“I can swim!” voiced in wonder that knew nothing of swimming.

“Of coarse you can swim,” it was Nuuk’s turn to speak. “Of course you can swim with that very fine tail.”

Where there had been mittens now there were webbed fingers with nails shaped like key hooks and where boots and then feet now a length of flowing tail. A tail that streamed out into the breeze of the current to wave like a flag made of very rich silk. Shimmers of metallic green, purples and pinks and then joined at the knees. Silver scales interlocked in a wrap of her legs reflected what light that was able to survive a trip through the dark.

“I can breathe!”

“Of coarse you can breathe, you can breathe just like me.”

Taking a moment Maarit felt the thickness in her throat and could count the sensations as her neck pulsed with her breath and her hair swum about her face in an opaque halo of lace.

Nuuk was swimming in circles around and around observing Maarit glow accepting her form.

“Let’s go let’s go there’s no time to waste!” Nuuk pointed his horn to the south and much deeper.

“Where are we going?” Maarit’s words bubbled as she checked for her watch.

With a twist and a thump of his powerful flukes Nuuk was clean out of sight leaving nothing behind but his own trail of bubbles. Bubbles that started as small as pin-points and then grew and grew in size to the shape of grand holiday balloons and from inside the bubbles the sound of brass trumpets announced it was indeed time.


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