About Rangi Ya Bahari

~Tales of Fantasy and Adventure

Sina pesa,” I’m limited to this response. It’s what I’ve been armed with.

“Rafiki.” Persistent. “A few schillings for needle and thread to fix my sail.”

My choice to ignore the young man and move along. My morning walk along the seawall.

“I will be a great captain!” He’s walking at my side now, working to get my attention. Persistent. “Rafiki.”

“Sina pesa,” smiling at the young man I move along knowing that what I say is not true.

It is this interaction that occurred nearly five years ago in December in Lamu on my honeymoon on my morning walk that plays in my head and is the inspiration for this story. Inspiration in that I have wondered what if I had given that young man a few schillings?

What if…

Rangi ya bahari, roughly translated from Swahili means “the colour of the sea”.

So set sail with Ativa…

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