Stringers – Thirteenth Wave

Thirteenth Wave

Every ounce of adrenaline, all fears and anxieties now transformed into an intense focus. Finding his center, existing only in the moment, his gut flipped as he experienced a sense of flight, a momentary separation from the pull of the earth, a feeling of anti-gravity. Leading the wave, looking out over and above the layer of fog that had blanketed him only seconds before, he was struck with overpowering wonderment at the world around him.

Unobstructed, the panoramic view of the coastline, thinned north and south, stretched to the limit, as it trailed off into the distance to follow the endless curvature of the earth, until it met again on the other side.

Above, the sky now sapphire blue extended to the upper reaches of the atmosphere where it paled and gave way to a hint of dusky starlight. Below, the sea churned and roared, a maelstrom of white, green and grey that both fed, and ate itself, as it grew and gained momentum.

Ahead, nestled in amongst the evergreens that crowned the top of the cliffs, dwarfing the beach below, a reflection of orange that could only be Buttercup. Observing the world through the eyes of an eagle, he felt the oneness and connectedness of everything that existed. His journey had taken him here, to a place of appreciation and understanding; and straight into the path of the elephants.

With what felt like the weight of ten elephants landing on his back, Caspar lost his wind and orientation, as he cart-wheeled out of control. Knocked clear of his board, he was driven painfully into the violent turbulence generated by the epic collision of natural forces. Unable to determine up from down, he thrashed, reaching out in all directions, hoping to reach the surface. A fire burned in his chest and belly, needles of white-hot ice assaulted his lungs.

Becoming more and more disoriented, desperately seeking a much-needed breath of air, his thoughts began to numb and grey. Limbs barely able to respond, the signals from his brain dulled by the lack of oxygen, he made a final attempt to get clear of the confusion. Reaching for the stars that lay just beyond his fingertips, he realized a sense of relief and euphoria. He had finally broken through.


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